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Where will we be staying?

Depending on the location of the Tour, we will be staying in upscale hotels or Inns that will suit all your needs for a comfortable and productive stay.

Do I have to have certain level of experience to sign up?

No, not at all. We encourage all levels of photographers to join and learn from our professional models and experienced photographers in the group. As long as you have a desire to learn and create art, you will be fine.

Where will the Tour be held?

The Tour will be held in different locations around the United States throughout the coming year. Whether it’s a national park or a beautiful beach by the Pacific Ocean, the surroundings will never disappoint. Flying Jewel will also be traveling internationally to exotic locations, such as Canary Islands, Bali, Hawaii, South Africa, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

What will I need to bring?

Your thinking caps! In all seriousness, you’re free to bring any camera equipment you feel will help you to achieve your best photos. However, we recommend traveling light depending on the location of the tour. Obviously, extra batteries, memory cards, a reflector and tripod are Snacks and water are always great items as well.